Wills, Trusts, and Fiduciaries: The Foundations of Your Rock-Solid Estate Plan
Wills, Trusts, and Fiduciaries: The Foundations of Your Rock-Solid Estate Plan
Among today’s top business owners, family is paramount. Taking care of loved ones is the No. 1 reason entrepreneurs seeking to become seriously wealthy want so much wealth, according to our research. Certainly, you expect to use your wealth to... Read More
Feeling Philanthropic? A Charitable Planning Primer
Do you want to have a major impact on a charity or cause that means a great deal to you? Do you want to do well financially by doing good for others in need? Do you want to leave your... Read More
Should You Donate Life Insurance to Charity?
People purchase life insurance for lots of reasons—the most common often being to take care of their loved ones. The life insurance proceeds are used either to create an estate for those left behind, or to pay taxes so the... Read More
What Is a Private Trust Company?
What Is a Private Trust Company?
One of the more interesting ways that some wealthy families are addressing certain financial needs and concerns is through the use of private trust companies. A private trust company is set up specifically to work with and serve a single... Read More
RETAINED LIFE ESTATE: Open the door to tax charitable deductions
A home is a place to rest your head, to create memories, and to cook dinner. It’s where your pets are—your family. What people most often forget about their home is that it’s also your most valuable financial asset. And,... Read More

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