Do I Need an Estate Plan?
Do I Need an Estate Plan?
Should I update my beneficiaries, executor, or Power of Attorney? Do I really need an estate plan? Why should I create an estate plan? Odds are, you have asked yourself at least one of these questions as you ponder yours... Read More
The Advisor, November 2022
What’s New at GPW To many of us, November is a month to be thankful. We encourage you to take a moment to reflect and ask yourself: What are you thankful for this year? Gentry is grateful to you for... Read More
Elite Wealth Planning— What It Is and Why It Matters
We regularly point out the value and importance of elite wealth planning in the lives of today’s highly successful individuals and families—as well as those who are on the path toward great financial success. So let’s take a minute and... Read More
RETIREMENT CALCULATOR: Are you on track to reach your goals?
RETIREMENT CALCULATOR: Are you on track to reach your goals?
Thinking about retirement can be overwhelming, especially when considering what life may be like living on a fixed income. One of the best ways to improve your financial health in retirement is to start planning early. Here are some things... Read More

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