The Advisor, November 2022
The Advisor, November 2022
What’s New at GPW To many of us, November is a month to be thankful. We encourage you to take a moment to reflect and ask yourself: What are you thankful for this year? Gentry is grateful to you for... Read More
Navigating Markets – Our Portfolio Positioning
In light of last week’s CPI print and the ongoing third quarter earnings season we want to share a market update with historical perspective. We also want to highlight our portfolio positioning and outline the key factors that could drive... Read More
The Advisor, October 2022
What’s New at GPW It’s now officially fall, and it seems like our weather may finally be taking the hint. Many of usare prompted to begin thinking of family gatherings, year-end plans, and goals for the coming year when the... Read More
Charitable Giving, the Tax-Wise Way
Charitable Giving, the Tax-Wise Way
Chances are, you use some of your wealth to support favorite causes or organizations that are important to you. But those contributions may not be having as big an impact as they could—and it’s possible you’re missing out on some... Read More
The Advisor, September 2022
What’s New at GPW Fall not only brings much-needed relief from the heat, but also the start of school, football and Life Insurance Awareness Month. Many people only see life insurance as a means of providing for loved ones after... Read More
Life Insurance Basics Everyone Should Know
Life Insurance Basics Everyone Should Know Life can be complicated. So can life insurance. But while we can’t tell you the meaning of existence, we can help shed some light on the basics of life insurance. KEY TAKEAWAYS There are... Read More
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