The Advisor, July 2024
The Advisor, July 2024
Happy 4th of July! As we approach the 4th of July, we are reminded of the remarkable journey our nation has taken and the enduring spirit of freedom that binds us together. Independence Day is not just a celebration of... Read More
The Advisor, June 2024
Why Do We Worry About Money Even the wealthy worry about money. Financial success doesn’t eliminate fears or insecurities, often rooted in childhood experiences, societal pressures, or the responsibilities of managing wealth. Here are three main reasons we worry about... Read More
The Advisor, May 2024
Make Mother’s Day Special Looking for creative ways to make this Mother’s Day truly special? Whether you’re spending the day with your mom in person, or celebrating from afar, we’ve curated a list of delightful activities to honor the incredible... Read More
The Advisor, April 2024
The Advisor, April 2024
Do You Need a Family Financial Summit? A Family Financial Summit is a family meeting that allows for the sharing of financial values and goals. This can be very helpful in aligning expectations about inheritance, responsibilities, and they legacy your... Read More
The Advisor, March 2024
What’s New at GPW Not only does March bring warmer, windier weather, but it also brings exciting updates from your team at Gentry! Take a look below as we introduce our newest team member, announce office move updates, and discuss... Read More
The Advisor, February 2024
What’s New at GPW Ever wonder what the science is behind a leap year? This Smithsonian Institute article explains the physical impact of excluding a leap year and how we determine when a leap year is. At Gentry Private Wealth, we are leaping into... Read More
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