Succession Planning for Family Businesses
Succession Planning for Family Businesses
Where there is a desire to pass the baton that is the family business from one generation to the next, succession planning is usually essential. The absence of a solid succession plan can potentially result in family differences and financial... Read More
Is It Time for a Business Coach?
As an entrepreneur, it’s pretty likely that you’ve been given the opportunity to join a coaching and training program aimed at helping you take your company’s success to the next level. Entrepreneurial coaching has become a big business that we... Read More
Do You Have What It Takes To Create Significant Wealth?
As a business owner, you’re probably well aware that entrepreneurship is one of the best ways—perhaps even the single most effective way—to become a multimillionaire. A glance at the Forbes 400 list every year reveals that the world’s wealthiest—names like... Read More
When a Family Business Needs Outside Talent
When a Family Business Needs Outside Talent
In many ways, family businesses are the foundation of the economy. Their ongoing success has a pronounced ripple effect, benefiting other businesses and society at large. But many family businesses—especially those involving multiple generations of family members—often face a big... Read More
Protect your business (and your family) with a buy-sell agreement
Imagine the following scenario: You run a successful business with your business partner of 20 years. Your business partner dies unexpectedly. After the funeral, your deceased partner’s spouse shows up at your office with her two grown children. They ask... Read More

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